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The Conero Park

In the National Park Monte Conero the tourist can find a rather diversified territory: broom bushes, chestnut oaks and wild fruits on the one side and rocks falling into the sea and splendid beaches, agricultural areas and hills with olive trees and vineyards and sunflower fields on the other. Guided tours, bird watching, trekking, horse riding and walking trough the forests and the bright countryside are offered to the guest.

18 hiking routes developing among strawberry trees, brooms, ilex trees, pines, in the magic of the Mediterranean maquis. The area houses several species of birds, some of them very rare, together with a rich fauna. The many plants making the Mediterranean maquis are here protected and represent the third part of the whole floristic heritage of Marche.

Parco del Conero

Summer Excursions In The Park

Across the Conero: to discover all most interesting places

  • Route of Scalaccia: to discover the beach and the caves of fishermen;

  • Sacred Route: to discover the most remote monasteries of Conero;

  • Route of Due Sorelle: discovering the sea and its inhabitants, along an easy snorkeling itinerary, completely safe, at Due Sorelle Bay;

  • The woods of Conero: discovering the Park along a fascinating itinerary among the woods of Mt. Conero (route easy - lenght 3 hours);

  • Il Passo del Lupo: across the woods to enjoy the most famous view of Mt. Conero (route easy - length 2 hours);

  • Conero, the night and the stars: the heart of Parco del Conero, in the magic atmosphere of the summer nights. Walk to taste the fragrances of the wood by night and to observe the sky. (route easy - length 2,5/3 hours).

Finally, the “Rosso Conero Road” to visit the wineries where you can buy local products, oil, honey and wine.

Beaches Porto Recanati

Dive into the
Blue See

Sleek and continuously renewed bathing facilities spread along the 8km coastline are fit to welcome the young and old: beginning at sunrise with a walk along the foreshore, followed by a full day of sunbathing and swimming. There is plenty of entertainment with playgrounds designed especially for children, and the possibility to relax in the beachside bars and restaurants... View all

Eventi Porto Recanati

for all

Not only sea! In Porto Recanati it is hard to get bored, especially in summer. Many opportunities to live with friends between Festival, Traditional Festivals, Concerts, Festivals and Art Exhibitions...  LEARN MORE

Sport e attività Porto Recanati

and Activities

Il territorio di Porto Recanati e della Riviera del Conero è una vera e propria palestra all’aria aperta! Un paradiso per gli amanti dello sport sopra e sotto l’acqua. Qui potrai praticare le attività sportive più indicate alla tua indole... SCOPRILE TUTTE!

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