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Porto Recanati Seaside

porto recanati beach tourism boats fishing sunset traditions Surrounded by the marvellous setting of Monte Conero, Porto Recanati has always been one of the most renowned seaside resorts of the Driatic coast of the Marche region. Blue Flag for some years, thank above all the attentive environmental policies brought about recently, it is the ideal place to spend a quiet and relaxing holiday.

You are immediately fascinated by the beauties of the places surrounding it and the homely atmosphere you can breathe while wolking by the multicoloured houses: clear waters, quiet beaches, modern bathing establishments with playgrounds for children, refreshment facilities, possibility to practice aquatic sports to enjoy the open sea, a completely podestrian sea front along which you go for a wolk or ride a bike, cycling paths for naturalistic excursions, as well as a high quality life style on a human scale.

  • The population of Porto Recanati is still attached to its history of a small maritime community. Most of the customs and traditions which once marked out the hard and simple life of local fishermen have survived the changes of modern times and are brought to life during the historical evokings and the folk festivals organized by the local people every year.

    While wandering through the colourful lanes, which intersect close to the sandy shore, you can easily come across the typical architecture of this maritime village along the coast of Marche region. In this corner of Porto Recanati, full of picturesque elements and restored landscaped views, there is still in the air the atmosphere, the smells and the sounds of an existence influenced by the presence of the sea: severe but at the same time generous... a sea that often took, but much more often was able to give.

    The lively Thursday market is with no doubt one of the most recommended moments to live all these feelings at best and appreciate the spontaneity and the vitality of the people who live here.

  • Cycling Paths

    Who loves relax and outdoor activities can find in Porto recanati several miles of cycling paths

  • The panorama from the beach of Porto Recanati is bordered by two elements: to the north there is the Mount Conero to the south the Volpini Pinewood. At the end of the nineteenth century, the family Volpini, which had approximately 15 hectares of coast, tried to save their land of the dull salty winds. The discovery of a source of fresh water near the beach allowed him to create a network of canals .
    The choice of suitable crops produced the first striking results: in 1929 the Volpini pinewood housed about 180 different species of plants.

    The continuing work of the salty winds and sea erosion have slowly deteriorated this picturesque pinewood, requiring an intervention of protection: the town of Porto Recanati has presented a proposed arrangement of the area to build an urban park.

    Pineta Volpini Porto Recanati Pineta Volpini Porto Recanati
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Sleek and continuously renewed bathing facilities spread along the 8km coastline are fit to welcome the young and old: beginning at sunrise with a walk along the foreshore, followed by a full day of sunbathing and swimming. There is plenty of entertainment with playgrounds designed especially for children, and the possibility to relax in the beachside bars and restaurants... View all

Eventi Porto Recanati

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Not only sea! In Porto Recanati it is hard to get bored, especially in summer. Many opportunities to live with friends between Festival, Traditional Festivals, Concerts, Festivals and Art Exhibitions...  LEARN MORE

Sport e attività Porto Recanati

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Il territorio di Porto Recanati e della Riviera del Conero è una vera e propria palestra all’aria aperta! Un paradiso per gli amanti dello sport sopra e sotto l’acqua. Qui potrai praticare le attività sportive più indicate alla tua indole... SCOPRILE TUTTE!

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